Corporate Responsibility

At Altitude Group we care about the impact our businesses have on our people and their families, on the communities in which we work and on the environment. Our work will often support clients to communicate effectively on ethical and other cause-related campaigns.

Our People

Altitude Group employs more than 30 people across the United Kingdom and over 20 in North America. Our clients choose to do business with us because of the creativity and the dedication with which they carry out their work.

We are continually challenging and looking to improve our employment practices, to create a rewarding environment for all employees. We will invest in training and development and believe in diversity in the workplace.

Our Supply Chain

We recognise the importance of sourcing ethically and managing the various risks in the supply chain. Our aim is to do business with those companies that have high environmental and ethical standards.

We commission specific audits to determine the source of products we purchase, either directly or through our supply chain.

The Environment

Whilst most of our employees are office based, we recognise that there are many ways in which we can minimise our effects on the environment.

We reduce travel wherever possible despite operating from multiple locations; we reduce other energy consumption and recycle our waste.